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Fort McMurray African Canadians Association (FOMACA): Our Commitment

(June 2011 communication to members  by  the president)

Firstly, time of wishful surmising is long over and step one to the reality of making African youths in Canada focus is a responsibility resting squarely on us as citizens, and as part of a community in Wood Buffalo Regional Municipality. As parents we have a strong, rich African cultured background we have to pass on. We owe it to the community of Wood Buffalo to project the good qualities of our culture. I must hasten to say most of us are a tolerant people with nobility of peaceful co-existence, which traditional Africa generally had. We keep urging each other not to forget who we are and where we come from.… Read More

Association By-Laws

CLAUSE ONE: Name of The ASSOCIATION (1) shall be the Fort McMurray African Canadian Association hereafter referred to as FOMACA or Association”.

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